Frosch K. AlbumMaker on Sourceforge


AlbumMaker Version 1.4 - a Webgallery and Photoalbum


AlbumMaker is a very small and handy webbased Photoalbum and Gallery. You can use it to make you pictures visible to you friends by internet and let them write some comments to each picture (like a guestbook), or just for your own purpose to have an album of your pics. The only things you need, are a perl interpreter, the GDLib, the GD perl module, the CGI perl module and a webserver. AlbumMaker creates two different picture sizes: a Thumbnail and a ca. 600x800 big one. The original is kept too.


Just unzip and untar the package:

    tar zxvf AlbumMaker-<Version>.tar.gz

Then copy the hole new directory to your DocumentRoot of the webserver or another directory where the webserver has access.

Edit the index.cgi file and configure it by your needs. Important is the '$base =' which should be the absolute path of albummaker.


Creation of a new Album

Copy a folder with JPEGs to your $base/albums and chown it to the user apache (or your webserver) runs on. Then chmod it to 0770, so the webserver's user can modify the album. After that, access your abummaker with your favorite Browser and click on 'Admin' (on the left top of the menu). There you can click on the desired album to create. On the config screen you can choose the quality for the two jpeg formats: the thumbnail and the bigview.

Deletion of an Album

If you 'delete' an Album, the original Pictures will be restored and held in the directory.

Administration of the Albums by command line:

To create a new Album, type ./bin/create_new_album <album>

To delete on command line an AlbumMaker-created album, and obtain the old structure of your dir (inlcuding the pics), just type

    ./bin/delete_album <album>


 Rafael Perez